The Sunday Supplement - 5 February

Sundays are the days of quality photo-journalism, and in the proud tradition of that, (did you know the venerable Sunday Times Magazine is 50 this year) we present “The Sunday Supplement”, images that you might have missed from The Internet.

Picture the scene: you’re hungover. You’re needing a fry-up, tea (the UK) or coffee (the US) mainlined, and a slanket. It could be worse though, you could be Mary.

Here at …WTI!!! Towers*, we’ve carefully assessed each and every single-serving internet meme image on the whole of The Internet to bring you a carefully curated selection of the best. Why? Because we love you a little bit. No, a little bit more than that. No, not that much, don’t be rude. Yes, that much.

Like every quality magazine, or Heat, we’ve come up with a unique scoring system for these images. We call it the “Squee” Factor. Each image is carefully assesed for ROFLs, AWWW!s and ZOMG!s. Gareth then fictionally puts this into his giant imaginary spreadsheet, which will probably have a punning acronym name when we can think of one, resulting in a score out of ten. This will be your “Squee” Factor. AND THEY SAY THAT UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE CAN’T BE USEFUL MEMBERS OF SOCIETY. You’re welcome.

*Don’t you just hate it when magazine do that? Hate. HATE.

Heidi the cross-eyed possum

The image: Here’s Heidi The Cross-eyed Possum, so named because she is a possum. 

Why we should care: check her out! She’s cross-eyed!

Suggestions for deployment: if one of your mates makes a non-sequiter Facebook comment, why not respond with this? It’s the pictoral equivalent of “o_O”!

“Squee” factor: it’s good, but there’s something a bit creepy about it too. So 6/10

The image: a mournful monkey from the Sony World Photography Awards

Why should we care: he looks so…I dunno…sorry…I’m feeling a bit…not myself today…

Suggestions for deployment: this is pretty much the embodiment of “*sadface*”, so we’d suggest as a Twitter reply to upsetting news, such as cancellation of a BBC Three show, or a death on Downton Abbey.

“Squee” Factor: Difficult. So very cute, but also…I dunno…*sadface* 5/10