Here at …WTI!!! we are great fans of people doing really stupid stuff and filming it for our entertainment. Because together with surprised kittens, Darwin nominees are one of the other great meme pillars that supports YouTube.

Particular recipients of our undying admiration are those true innovators, followers of the Dirty Sanchez school of science, who will not only perform a particularly harebrained experiment but do it bigger and better. Why stick a finger up to evolution when you can give it a wedgie? Take the cinnamon challenge, a meme that has been doing the rounds in halls/dorms for a few years now. The premise is simple - take a teaspoon of cinnamon and try to swallow it within 60 seconds without any water. Watch the hilarity unfold as the victim’s throat goes into full-on WTF mode.

This is all really well you say, but has anybody tried it with a LADDLE? Well, I’m glad you asked because glamorous internet raconteur GloZell is here to show you why the original challenge is done with a teaspoon.